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spool or locker

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what difference does a spool make also dg locker considering one or the other
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Both will lock the front end up, but the DGL is the better of the two. The DGL
is a whole lot easier to turn. It allows a certain amount of wheel slip while
turnin' the front wheels. The spool type locker is always locked up. Even if
you put your atv back in 2wd, it will still be hard to turn.
thanks RR thats what i was wondering because the spool is cheaper and easier but as usual you get what you pay for!
If you have the extra money, i would get the DGL if i were you. I have ridden
a Foreman with a spool locker in it & it was a bear to ride. Very hard to turn.
Especially when you are goin' at slower speeds.
I was going to get a DGL but it is hard to steer them to on trail rides it like breaks your arms and my friend works for a dealership and told me to many stories of them shattering the front diff case and CV joints and everything else. I think he is right when he says honda doesnt put them on for a reason but when they find a good setup [email protected]# strait they will use it.
If you put in a dgl just put in a 4-2-4, that way when it is in 2 wheel drive you don't even know you have a locker. With a spool it will always steer like crap.
i have the 424 and spool ruled out thanks guys. but what about the locker will it still steer easy in 2wd
No they are still locked just the out side wheel spins a little faster in the turns but if you trail ride you wil have to use both hands on one side to steer. I dont have one but ridden couple rubi's and foremans with them.
Go with the DGL, won't even know it's there in 2wd. How often do you ride trails in 4wd. When you need 4wd you're probably in mud or a similiar slimy situation, then it won't be hard to steer and you will have true 4wd. Very good system, have had them in my Kodiak and my Rubicon.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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