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Spool Locker

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What do ya'll think about the Highlifter Spool Locker? Should i put it yes or no
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**** no
well someone tell me why **** no
Phil Does your rubi have a 4x4 unlock on it?

If it does then you could probably still ride it okay in 2 wheel drive. But the steering would be very very hard. Now if it does not have a 4x4 unlocker and you put in a spool. Turning would be almost impossible on hard pack. The spool is really only good in sloppy mud.
you'll end up hating it. I put one in my 03 rincon, couldn't steer it, even in two wheel drive. Front end is locked all the time, really sucked.
Its a All time 4 no in and out, but i think i will need one in the front with 29.5s in the front and I can get one for $20 and don't have the money right now to buy a DGL, so i don't know what i am goin to do
well eric did you like the locker when you had it in your bike
I had one on my Rancher and i just took it out it is a workout to ride it sure takes the fun out of it when u have to turn at all. If it was me i wouldn't do it. Just cause it is that hard to turn.
Oh man full time 4x4, 29.5's and spool locker just don't mix. You will not be able turn it. It will be a beast in the mud but on the trail you will be miserable.
beast in the mud is mainlly my goal but whats the big difference between on the spool and the DGL
When the wheels are staright on both they function the same. The DGL will allow the outside wheel to turn faster than the inside wheel when turning. Allowing you to exert less effort to steer.

If you want a 100% pure mudder then have at it. But if you ride trails to get to those mud pits I am not sure you will be happy with the extra effort to turn. Plus your turning radius will probably tiriple, making tight trails a pain.
i never thought about the turning radius and i have narrow trailswhere i hunt so i may just wait and get the DGL eventaully, after my tires and rims
Why would you "need" one with 29.5s?
because I want to know that if i lean to a side i want the side to spin and pull
No Phil I didn't like the spool locker. I had a DGL in my little 400 Kodiak and loved it. I just couldn't afford the DGL for the Rincon at the time so I had to settle for the spool; really really really hard to steer and that was just trying to steer little 26" tires. My $0.02
i will probly wait and buy the DGL when i get the money
i run the DGL and love it. its hard enough to turn 29.5 with it so i would hate to see what it would be like with a full locker. i have a 424 select so it is great for trail riding.
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