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Spinning Mudzillas

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Hey everyone i'm new to this Forum, and so far i've liked it alot. People seem real friendly and helpful here so I decided to join in.
Well here's the question, I recently bought a 07 Rancher 420, and I would like to put some nice tires on it. I was thinking about going with the Maxxis Mudzillas. But i'm being told that my bike might have trouble spinning them. I was planning on getting 25's. Does anyone have any experience with these tires? Are they real heavy, and WILL I have a problem? Thanks alot for the help guys.

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Should be fine turning them.. Wouldn't go over 27 inches though
hey, thanks alot man. Nah, I think the BIGGEST i'll go is 26 on a Rancher. I feel like 27's looks too huge.
I have a buddy with a 420 Rancher on 27" Zillas and he spins them just fine.
the 420 will spin them fine my 450 did alrite wiht hte 28s before i had the reduction and all and from what i hear the 420 has the same if not more power then my 450 dose your bike is actually ony 13cc smaller if your plannin on 25 or 26s it will do it no prob and probly 27s wiht little work
Hey thanks alot for the responses you guys. I got to thinking and summer is coming to an end and the mud is going to be gone. Everything will turn into dirt and dust and our muddy trails will turn into regular dirt trails. So i'm just gonna go ahead and buy 25" or 26" Mudlites. They are better for trails than mudzillas, and still have a good tread pattern on them just incase I run into something that I have to throw it in 4x4.
Thanks alot for all your help guys .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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