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If changing to a larger tire than stock, what does everyone do about the change in accuracy of the speedometer. Guessing most leave it alone and not worry about it? I hate to have things not quite right and when changing to a larger tire, would like my speedometer correct or stay with stock size tires. I don't do the heavy muddin, just trail ridiing so probably don't need larger tires, but sounds like larger tires have a lot deeper tread depth which may ge bood or may be bad for my type of riding.
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Obviously bigger tires will make your reading lower that it is. You will be traveling faster than is indicated. I am unaware if they make a fitting for the cable like is made for trucks. I put 36 inch tires on my 2500 and purchased a fitting to go on the cable that compensates for the oversized tires bringing the speed back to reality. Good question though. Now you got me curious....Hmmmmm
Right, many newer automobiles can be programed with a computer on automobiles vs old way of changing gears at transmission, but don't know what can be done on a Honda. I have a Foreman 500es. Probably not off enought to make a bid difference, but like things to work as designed if possible.
After I went to 26"'s my spedo was off 3mph from
what my E-Trex said

I really don't look at the spedo much anyway
unless I'm on the street or a FS road
Good idea, I have a GPS mounted on the handle bars and never thought about comparing the two. True, I don't worry to much about the speed part, doesn't really concern me but it is nice when things work properly.
I have never tried my GPS on my foreman. I have a radio/cell/GPS holder on it. Thanks for the tip, I will try that tommorrow.
Probably 26 inchers?
assuming you are going from a 25 to 26" tire that is only a 4% change in size. It will only be off above 25mph basically 1mph (2mph at 50 etc) I would think it would cost more than its worth to pursue that.
Yea, not enough off to make a difference that I would recognize. Thanks, just wasn't sure what others are doing. Actually, I don't have a problem with my stock tires for what I do anyway, but if changing tires, thought I would maybe go to the larger tires. From what I read, 26"ers have more tread depth.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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