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speedo install

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I have a 96 foreman 400, and was wondering is there any way to put a newer model's speedometer on it? Does the speedo cable go into the engine somewhere, and would my motor/trans have the hookup for it? If that can't be done, does anyone have a aftermarket speedo that they have installed? Thanx in advance for the replies.
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I don't think they make an aftermarket speedometer kit for them. I haven't paid much attension to the older 400's to remember if they would just take the newer style speedo factory parts. If it does, I assume a wiring harness would be needed as well along with the pod and speed sensor.

I have an extra speedometer(complete with light and pod cover) and a wiring harness for a 98 foreman 400, but I dont have the electronic speed senser that operate it. The pod works and is in good shape, but shows high mileage like 10-12000 miles on it.
they do have a speedo that fits, ive seen them on the 96 models, honda makes them...they sit on the left side of the rack, i wouldnt get one if you ride deep water
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