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I have a 2009 Rancher ES (TRX420FPE).

I am currently working on and doing modifications for an engineering project to turn my rancher into a autonomous vehicle.

The speedometer gives me the speed of the ATV, and I would like to piggy back off of this to put the speed value into a microcontroller for readings.

I know I can manually get a speed reading in many other ways, but I'd like to specifically do it this way from the vehicle itself.

Does anyone know what type of data (RPMs/Pulses) the speed wire is carrying?

I have tapped into the speed wire to the odometer and currently I am tapped into the speed wire from the Rear VS Sensor. I checked the continuity on these two and simultaneously checked them on the o-scope and they seem to give the same exact signal.

I am assuming the speed wire reading (from the schematic, Rear VS Sensor) is some type of RPM/Pulses. I've gotten what I think are good pulse values, but I am reaching out here to see if anyone has better knowledge of this before I proceed, and to get clarification.

Thank you in advance!
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