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Speaking of winches

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When you guys winch someone out do you pull with the quad at the same time or just let the winch do the work?
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I always let the winch do the work. Winches and cable aren't designed for pulling or plucking with a moving vehicle and you can easily kink up the cable or overstress the winch or even the bike frame.
When a stuck bike starts to move I sometimes move the winching bike just to maintain tension on the cable.
Most times a nylon rope or tow strap is easier and quicker to use than a winch.
same here.....I let the winch do the work.
if the other bike is good and stuck then you may need tie off on a tree to keep from pulling your bike in the hole too. i usually use a snatch strap first. its a whole lot easier than reeling out the winch line.
i let the 2000lb superwinch do all the work, unless its really bad.
I have seen lots of guys pull back while winching, I don't do it, I just wondered if I was the odd ball!
Just anchor yourself to a tree or another bike if its too bad.
I pull with the wheeler at the same time, I have toasted a Ramsey #2500 doing this; my Warns have held up to the abuse and my Ramsey #3000 has held up great so far. I really abuse my winches.
I lock up my brakes, if the bike starts to slide, then i will slowly give it gas to try to keep from sliding, but I do not jerk on it. if that doesn't work, then i will tie off, or have a bike nudge in front of me to help as an anchor.

I have been snatched out using my winch, and it stripped the gears in the winch. (about a $30.00 fix)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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