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speaking of Suburban Estates.....

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Anybody else see this?

I think its great,and about time.

will make the next Sepa meeting that much more entertaining, Im thinking i am walking into that place strapped and loaded this time as there is sure to be some pissed off old timer ******** there

OK, the word is in (finally). A deputy will now be at the gate on Fri, Sat & Sun each weekend.

If someone doesn't have a key, they're getting a written tresspass notice and being added to the "new list". Second time trying to get in after being on the list; a nice room for the night downtown. Same thing goes if you're trying to get OUT and don't have a key.

Best of all, it's costing nearly nothing because we've agreed to endorse a DUI (and checking for minors in posession of alcohol/drugs) checkpoint on US 441 (and/or the Groves Road). They'll be making all their money with fines, etc.

Thanks to everyone for the continued donations; especially that very large annonymous one (over $10k) which will keep the funds flowing for the deputy for several years to come.

BTW - Details about the "proof of ownership" that will be needed can be found in the private "Land Owner's Only" forumn.
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The proof of ownership...Is that for the bikes you are in possession of, or the land proof of ownership. I heard that if you did not have ownership papers on the bikes, then they would take possession of them until such proof could be obtained..
man yal drink to munch
No..dont drink to much... just know that this is what we have been doing for 6 months on " unable to prove ownership " on 4 wheelers being ridden in Brevard County.
since i have had a lot of questions about this hopefully screg will post more info that is available to him.....screg, you have the floor
It is simple if you do not own land or if you are not with someone that owns land then you should not go. This has nothing to do with your bike or what you bring the sheriff will ask for your key and ID he will then check your key number to who owns the property. If your name shows up you are good. If not then you get to explain why you have a key that does not belong to you. All legitimate keys are numbered and we have the list of who has what key. So if you do not own land and have a key, if you sold your land but kept the key, or if you have a copy of a key. Then you will be trespassed by the sheriff. All of this stuff that is going on is a good thing. The property is getting out of control and if we do not do something then we will not have a place to go to. It will turn into another 5a and then it will be taken by the state. Please help us to keep our land and do what you can to make it better.

Sorry for the rant but it is 3am and I did just get back from the club. Thanks and have a great day
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So when does this go in effect? Also if i show up to the gate to wait for you guys to get there are we gonna get a tresspass?

robb get ahold of that guy so we can buy some land.
Screg, Thanks for the info. And I agree fully with this. This will actually start to put a damper on damage to the gates and property as well as unwanted guests. I had been hearing so many different things, was just trying to sort them out.
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":8d7ihd54)
So when does this go in effect? Also if i show up to the gate to wait for you guys to get there are we gonna get a tresspass?

robb get ahold of that guy so we can buy some land.
No you can wait all day long. As long as you are not trying to sneak in you are ok. The main reason for this is to try to keep people from tearing down the gate, leaving the gate open, and using fake keys.
This is probably a dumb question, but I know nothing about suburban estates. I do own land in the Holopaw riding area (end of holopaw groves blvd.) but haven't been out there in a long time, is this suburban estates in any way connected to the holopaw riding area? I noticed in the first post that it involved "groves rd" and 441, so it sounds like your either talking about holopaw riding area or somewhere very close. Also, where is this information that was quoted about the changes posted originally? Sort of funny if suburban estates is the same place that I know of as just the holopaw riding area, considering I have owned land there for almost a year and never heard it called that. Thanks for any information.
yea thats the same place
Sounds like the same place. But not sure how you would not have herd it called Suburban Estates. There is a big sign with the name at the gate. Oh well her is the link to the original post with all of the info

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... php?t=1218</a>
It has probably been close to a year since I last rode out there, when we were going we usually were going through the gate as a line of trucks, so if there was a sign there I probably just missed it. I hope to start riding there again soon, if it ever rains again. I did a bunch of work waterproofing my airbox and improving my snorkel, got some new outlaws, and it quits raining for months! Dammit! Thanks for the info though.
Looks like we should all be running stockers for the next couple months.
I think that this is going to be very good its about time that they did something
QUOTE ("dirtyrider6104":39mi3hj4)
I think that this is going to be very good its about time that they did something
your retarded
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