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Spark Plug?

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Anybody know what spark plug the Foreman 500 takes?
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just call your dealership and they can tell you..

Thanks to nonnieselman!
Just a note
i put one of those "Iridium" NGK plugs into mine
WOW what a differance !! im not a big believer in those fancy plugs but this made a BIG change !
Rubi's come out with platinum plugs
and the foremans come out with those STUPID v-groove plugs
change it to the Iridium and enjoy better throttle response, better cold starting, and what not
i actually had to lower my idle !!
Yea after i put my new plug in mine started better and had beter throttle response. My old one did have some carbon built up on it tho.
Wow...that much of a diffrence? What do those cost. And is it the same number.. or where would you cross reference it at?
The number for NGK Iridium is BKR5EIX-11
This may be a stupid question... but here goes. Will the Foreman spark plug be the same as the Rincon?.. I guess I need to see if they are the same now first.
According to the NGK website <a href="" target="_blank"> ... country=US</a> it is different. Go to link and find part number of NGK for your atv.
what do i put on my spark plug when i go in water
Dielectric grease. Just fill the boot up & put it back on the spark plug. I do
it to ours every ride.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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