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spark plug? which one?

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what is the best plug to go with?

if i get one from an auto parts store will i have to "gap it" correctly or does it come with the right gap in it...?
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NGK IRIDIUM NAPA part # 5464 It will start the foreman better then when you first got it from the dealership.

i hope i can find a place that has one on a saturday...

do i have to set the gap in the plug??
I run the Iridium, expensive but I like them. Nothing wrong with the stock plug though, plus a lot cheaper. No such thing as a gapped plug from factory. Always check gap before installing, plus give it a dab of never sieze on threads and give the rubber boot a good shot of diaelectric grease before putting back on plug
what is the gap?

i am not sure what the gap is supposed to be. can't seem to find owners manual.

anyone know what it is right off hand?
All I see is a X.
.044 I believe I will check when I go to napa tomorrow I have the NGK book for atv's and non auto.
not that expensive. i just bought two at 4.95 each.
they were almost 8 dollars at orielly's

i looked in the owners manual that i found and it tells you that you can use a ngk plug and tells you the part number....

i got mine from napa for 10 bucks including tax
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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