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Spark plug boot

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when i was swimming the 4man all day today. and it started to cut out
so i found that the spark plug boot lost all the dielectric grease i put in it, about one gallon! it gets hot and leaks out of the boot. so my next grease is going to be high temp brake pad grease. does anybody concur?

other than that is was awesome , and i will be putting a removable exhaust snorkle on next to save my HMF from repacking .
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I have never had any problems with the die electrical grease running out, might look into changing the boot out. Mine boot is pretty tight around the plug.
ya the boot is loose , ill get a new one in my next order.
so how was your trip to fl. ?
i was tring to get up there but i dont know anyone whos a member with a key.
we had a great time, just wish I knew earlier that you wanted to ride. we could of hook up and made a round. Didnt get to ride with any of the other fla. crew, they where either out of town or broke down. I guess it was just bad timing. Its a yearly visit for us, so maybe next year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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