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spark arrestor

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will it hurt anything if i run my bike without my spark arrestor. I took it off and cranked it and it sounded a little deeper without it.
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I took mine off and had no problems. Went out and bot a new 2" tip for $40 canadian off of ebay. Sounds good.
It won't hurt anything I ran mine for a while without it.
what kind of spark arrester is that
Just hope the warden or forestry guys dont catch you without one or you could be walking. It's illegal to ride in most places without one, and if your riding in the bush, you dont want to be responsible for a forest fire.
its sounds good and all and it wont hurt anythign to do, but it has no power gain, accually feels to me like its loses a bit of power with it off. and yea like fossil said, dont let the forestry guys see you if its illegal where you live
i have had mine off for a while because it was full of mud and now that its open again it seems to have more power
too me its just loud, it doesnt doesnt feel like it ads power
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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