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spark arrestor

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would it hurt anything on my bike if i removed the spark arrestor from my stock exhaust?
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no, all your spark arrestor does is catch any sparks that got through your baffles in the exhaust. if you ride in a dry area that doesnt get much rain i wouldnt suggest taking it out. but if you dont then take it out it is a cheap way to get a great sound out of your stock exhaust.
by taking it out would the exhaust clog up with mud?
all depends on how deep you are goin and if you intend to cut your bike off in the mud? other wise no. most aftermarket pipes dont come with spark arrestors in them and some come with them as an option.
I've had my spark arrestor out for about 2 months now.I made a plate with a hole in it that bolts to the stock muffler and then welded a turn down pipe to that plate.Looks pretty cool and sounds better than stock.
um... PICS!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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