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spark arrestor

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is there a way to take out the spark arrestor on a 02 450 s and clean it?? i looked at mine today and it looks as if it is clogged up towards the rear of the muffler..
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I think theres like 3 bolts on the out side of the muffler that you can remove and remove the spark arrester. Iv never done it tho.
there are no bolts on the back of the muffler....i am at a loss...
The aftermarket pipes ( ie..HMF ) have the 3 bolts. I have taken mine out and rode it with / without it. On the 650 Rincon, I was able to take the spark arrestor out, but unknown on the 450?
If you have a stock exhaust, you must remove the plug from the bottom of the muffler (square drive pipe plug) and run the engine without the plug in. Rev up the engine a bit while blocking off the main exhaust outlet with a shop towel to help blow the crap out of the other hole (just blocked enough to clean it out- not enough to stall the engine) I suggest reistalling the pipe plug with a little anti-seize.
good luck
i took that plug out yesterday and checked to see if anything came out and nothing did..i did not run it though..when i put it back in i used anti-sieze..i will try that tomorrow when i get up..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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