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Spark arrestor to fit 05 Rubicon/Forman-Anyone selling one??

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I was looking for a used or new spark arrestor for my 2005 Rubicon. Mine has all the packing burnt out and is now chirping when I let off the gas. I thought that there may be someone out there with a new pipe on their rubicon or foreman looking to sell their stock arrestor. Please reply if you have or know of one for sale. Dealer is asking $100.

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i'll sell you mine
i actually have 2 i can give you and they are both off of a 05 and 06 foreman 500 so they should fit
Sounds good. How much use have they had and what are you asking for them??

the one off the 06 was only used for about a week and the 05 maybe 2 months, you can have them both for 40 plus shipping
I should have stated earlier. I only need one. Is it safe to assume $20 for one, plus shipping? If so I am game.

yeah thats you use paypal?
Sure do, I will send a PM to you. We can discuss details there! Check your PM's.

checked it and replied
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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