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Spark Arrester

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anyone know if this provides back pressure in any way. i took mine out to see what it sounds like and see whats inside, but it not any kind of baffle is it?
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I took the spark arrestor out and yes there is no bafle in it. I stops the sparks and not much change in the flow. I did not notice much of a difference in performance with or without...Just alot more noise
im probly going to leav it out, i just wasnt sure if it served a purpose other then catching sparks
There was a forum earlier and we discussed the spark arrestor, The only thing we found that it needed to be run for was the dryness of Florida and we were going to start a fire. No real performance difference other than ALOT of noise..
yea no kidin alot of noise, i didnt really expect it to bump up the performance
It is also better to keep it out if you do alot of water serves as a drain.......
Dirtyrider...Did you mean drain or strainer.....Ha Ha Ha
i took mine out and replaced the tip with one of these
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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