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Spark Arrester?

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Is it safe to remove the spark arrester from my bike? Will there be jetting issues? And It leaves a huge hole back there and my bike is snorkled will it be easier for water to get in back there?
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All of our bikes are snorkled and have HMF pipes. We do not have the spark arrestors in them. We see no difference in needing any jetting or adjustments to the bike. Defintely hang on to them in case you ride in any forestry divisions ( ie.. Ocala National Forest..ect.. ). They wil require you have them. They are definately louder with them out. I had to put the one back in on the 650 Rincon. It was so annoying..I was getting pretty bad looks when I hit the gas.
As dry as it iss around hear you and we all are better off leaving the spark arrestor in. It is only a screen. the restriction it causes it not noticable.I do not notice a significant sound change on the Foreman w/ an HMF w/ or w/o a spark arrestor.

IMO the stock pipe w/o the spark arrestor and endcap souds terrible. its just plain annoying. You probably will since a little increase in power if it is rejetted, but it would not be worth it for me and the other around me to put up with the noise.
I agree. I have seen lots of folks who do that. It is very annoyin'. There is
a differance in loud that sounds good & a loud that makes your butt want
to suck a lemon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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