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anybody put spacers on there bike i have thought about it but i aint sure yet.
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ive never had the use for them, so i cant tell ya...
i'm sure they would help me get a beeter bit on the sides of ruts because where i ride they are trucks with 44's going thru there to and they get us high centered

ive been told to (not put them on) because they put more stress on the axles and hubs and bearings. i want to put them on very bad too, but im not. if any thing ill put some new rims with an offset.
Using rear offests on the front will increase the wear the same as the spacers.

All I can say is if you get them get the aluminum ones . The graphit/plastic ones have been known to crack more often.
I run 1 1/2" Widetrax Spacers on all four, I like the way it looks with them and aftermarket wheels. They are the last thing I would do if you are modding your quad, because they are kinda expensive for what they are.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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