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Southern Maine riders?

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Just want to see if there are any southern maine riders on here that want to get a ride going for when i return home from Utah. will have a pretty much stock 2006 foreman 500 es till i find a job.
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I heven't looked at a map yet, but how is the trail network in southern Maine?
As i have just bought my wheeler and am still not home from my duty station (hill afb, UT) i dont know how big or extensive the trail network is... i used to do alot of mountain biking and know of several but dont know how to compare the trails from the north due to me never being there.
Well, I also just bought my wheeler. I have exactly 0 trail miles. About 20 around the house doing some work and play. Tying to get to 20 hrs to do the service. It seems that in my area the trails dont seem as numerous as the snowmobile trails, but I think I can still get about anywhere. I cant wait to try them out this weekend.
I just saw in another thread you are near naults. That is where I picked mine up from. Good price on the left overs!
Thats a good drive for you to go all the way to Naults... I am (will be) about 45 min-hour from Naults. If you dont mind me asking how much did you get yours for and did you get any extras/bells and whistles with it?
$4999 as a left over. Not really any bells and whistles, but the cheapest I found in my area was $5799 so it was worth the drive I guess. I would finace else where though, my bank beat their (honda) rate by 3%. Also no sales tax.....until I registered it
Yeah i got the same deal as you, i also finaced with our bank and payments will only be $113 for 4 years. 5.4% intrest. well i am off to pack some things as i am off to Vegas for the long weekend. ride safe you all!!!
You beat me by 0.1%
QUOTE ("NorthernForeman":5qi2wyu8)
You beat me by 0.1%
Any new Mainah's here?
I am still around. No more recreational riding for the year. Time to get the foreman ready for hunting and hauling christmas trees. Then some plowing (if I am not too cheap to buy one).
south china some great trails around here.
hey everybody. New to the forum, I live in Bowdoin ME. just happened to find the forum by accident. Great to see so many honda enthusiasts around. There dosen't seem to be that many honda riders up here in maine. I got mine in June of last year, and I love it. I have made a few upgrades, and more to come. It would be nice to be able to organize a ride somewhere, though not likely until next year. Well, I have to run because the red sox are coming on.
Go Sox.
Howdy fellow Mainers.

lovethemud2 in my area the Polaris Sportsman seems to be the most popular ATV. I see so many of them and most all my friends have them. My best friend just bought one and I think I would have to agree that what he said seems true. He said he bought the Sportsman for its fairly comfortable trail ride but it still is good to do some hunting and work but if he wanted something for complete all purpose use he would have gone with the Foreman. He also said he thinks that my Honda will be still running strong far beyond the time his Sportsman has played out as Honda is known for its long term durability. Though I not so sure this whole ES system is a good idea, other than that I love the Foreman.

There are some decent trails here Downeast but I really want to get up around the Greenville area to ride some of there trails as that seem to be the best there is in the State.
I agree, the Polaris sportsman seems to be the most popular, at least up here in maine. I've heard the same thing, they give the most comfortable ride, plus they seem to be quieter than most other atv's, which makes them better for hunting. As for me, I don't hunt, and I would have to say that my foreman is quite comfortable. plus it's a honda (best on earth)

I've heard greenville has tons of trails. It would be fun to check them out sometime. I like to ride where there is mud. nothing better than making it through a hole you never thought you would get through. Even better, when I make it and my brother gets stuck with his ultra modified Grizzly.

Where downeast do you live and ride? I ride the Topsham trails quite a bit. Here are some pics of me and my brother in Topsham. notice the grizzly stuck in the mud. I'm on the other side already through. It was a work out though.
I mostly ride in the Acton, Shapleigh, and Sanford area, looking into getting a Yamaha Rhino 700 for the wife and then will do more exploring in other areas.

Hi dee ho
I just bought my wife a 500 w/plow "so I wouldnt need one for the truck"
i live just on the south china side of bloton hill east of agusta by the Harley dealer and have been looking for some trails to take my family riding on. we have 1 atv, 1 50cc dirt bike and 1 230cc dirt bike. my wife is from the area but I'm in the army and don't know the Maine laws or usage rules. can we use bikes on atv or snowmobile trails? Are ther any maps availible?
not after they are groomed in the winter spring will be posted
Howdy Phil,

The ATV laws are a bit complex and were recently made more strict with worse penalties. It can best be summarized as you can only ride on designated "ATV trails" (do not confuse these with snowmobile trails because they are not always the same) or other land that you have permission to ride on. I believe you can use dirt bikes on most ATV trails. I would suggest you pick up the Maine ATV law book and look through it, you can probably get one at your local town office. You could also check with any local ATV dealer to see if they have the Maine ATV Trails map, I got one at a dealer but since it shows the whole state the local detail is not great. The best information about trails and laws you will probably get from a local ATV club. Here is a link with some information about Maine ATV riding and clubs. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Lastly I really like that you bought an ATV with a plow "for your wife", I just love buying gifts for my wife that I can use to.
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