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Southern Honda

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as good as i hear? how about financing? give me your thoughts!

im looking at a new Foreman and possibly a new motorcycle
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Thats where I got mine from and I was going to financed it there but you will have to pay Florida sale tax then. The only way around it is to take a loan out if flordia and go up there with a check or cash. With all the money you make just pay cash and sent someone to pick it up for you.
I bought mine there, best deal around, hands down. I dont know about financing. Want to sell your Foreman?
its not for me, the GF wants an ATV and we could only be like an hour or so away from there in April, just looking at he options.

even with paying sales tax it still seems the cheapest around correct? but getting the loan hear and just going up there with cash seems like it will be the easiest

why Robb? you wannna buy the green monster? im always looking to upgrade something say with EFI and IRS...
im always lookin for a deal.
Heys guys what is "SRA" or "IRS"?
(SRA)Solid rear axel and (IRS)independent rear suspension.
QUOTE ("******* woman":14cjuwi5)
Heys guys what is "SRA" or "IRS"?
Here's an article that explains the difference just in case you were wonderin.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... s_swa.html</a>
Southern Honda is unbeatable IMO.
Last year I bought a new Recon for my son and Rubicon for myself.

With what I saved not buying from my local dealers and avoiding sales tax, I pretty much got the Recon for free! That's no joke.

I financed the Rubicon there, and still didn't pay tax. (From GA)

Made all arrangement on the phone and when I arrived the Atvs and paperwork where ready. No games, nothing.
They did try to push some accessories, I just said no, once, and that was it. Bought them about 4 months apart.
well this is my second time writting back, my dang comptuer froze and i lost it all. so lets see if i forget any thing

i was lookin into southern honda for my foreman 500. called them up the price on there page is what he quoted me at and asked me a few questions about me after i told him i wanted to get it financed, the next day he called me back and said i was approved with no down payment. after this i went to 3 dealerships here in fl, one melborn, one in ockechobbie, and one in ft pierce(where i bought it)

i took the quote southn gave me to the ft pierce one and told them i woudl buy an atv today if they coudl match the price pluse what it woudl cost to for state sales tax here and gas money to drive up. 7 1/2 min later after goign to his office he gave me 6,137 +/- a few dollars OTD. i had him write it down and drove strait to powerhouse motorsports in melborn, after they got done laughing at me, the progressed to yellin say that these guys are feeding me a line of ****, and woudnt even come within 500 dollars of my local dealer quoted price. WHICH REMINDS ME DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP, THEY THINK THERE CRAP DON'T STINK. drove strait back to ft pierece and picked up the 06 foreman 500 es 4x4.

the dealer in ockecbobie only had 07's and i did no hagglen with and he wanted like 6500 otd or somen.

my .02 and i also have heard lots and lots of good things about southen, it was just a long drip and with work hard to get off.

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The above post is a good example of what Southern Honda can save you.
Best local price: $6137.00
Southern Honda $4683.00
$1454.00 Savings.

Now, I know it's a long drive from Southern FL. and I don't think I'd want to make that drive either. Fortunetly, it was only about 100 miles for me.
looks like i should have waited another month, they have droped there prices even more. by alot. its even cheeper than the rancher:S

Best Price

Southern Honda gave me the price they had on there web site and nothing else. No problems. Just the normal questions any salesperson would ask.

My local dealer wrote down his price of $5999.99 plus tax and other fees, So I guess that I saved $1,541 for one day of driving up there, doing the paperwork and driving back. (I still have his card and price)

Not bad.

I purchased in feb 2005, a 2004 Foreman ES 450. I still have less than 1,000 miles.

We are going to Durhamtown tomorrow. Look at the rain for Middle GA tonight!

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See less See more they beat Southern on a few models. My brother got his from southern, he is satisfied.... Polaris used to have a shop not far from them but Polaris pulled the contract on them. To many dealers complained about there high volume prices. Supply and demand dammit! Oh well
I know this is way old but I picked up my 2006 Foreman ES 4x4 this weekend with no problems. A+ all the way.
DID THEY SELL YOU ON THESE? OxLite CV Axle Gaurds! There doing the same to me...
i drove from nc 5 and half hrs there and 5 and half back i got mine for 4683.00 out the door drove all that in one day plus the 3 hrs it toook me to go to work come home and the go 13 total hrs
I got a 2006 500 4x4 es w/ 26" mudlites ss112 rims and oxlite axle gaurds for 5483.00 out the door! very happy with it so far. 0 down 9 3/4 interest for 60 mths.
Southern Honda Rules !!! I Have Never Heard Of Anyone Beating Their Prices. Extreme Honda In Gastonia N.C Has 07 Rubicons Listed For $5,962.00... Southern Honda Has The Same Rubicon For $5,733.00. I Am Glad I Only Live 30 min. From Chattanooga.
Hey try Ritchie power sports. They are a few miles up from Chattanooga! Athens TN. If im not mistaken they are in fierce competition with Southern Honda. I would get quotes from both and let them 2 fight it out. If memory serves me write a little bird told me Southern Honda is collecting tax on out of state buyers. For some reason there site doesn't mention anything about not collecting tax anymore. However its all over Ritchie's site "We do not collect tax from out of state buyers". Oh and there 07 rubi is $5683

See for your self here.

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