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southeast va

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anyone here from southeastern virginia
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Southwest Virginia - Roanoke

how far is roanoake?
About 3-3.5 hours from you.

I'm in northern virgina.... Winchester, Too...
Hey cool!!!

We're planning a big ride for Cumberland MD on Sunday. We're going to Green Ridge State Park. It's a pretty cool place to ride. It's only about 18 miles, but should be a bunch of fun. Should be about a dozen or so bikes if everyone shows up. Come on out if you like.
Hey PM me w/ directiuons and contact info i might just have to go with... if i can get my bike bike torn down and get the winch installed and put back togather..
how was the ride in cumberland. My grandparents live 10 miles from there. I didn't know you could ride there. I'm learning more and more everyday. Let me know next time ya'll go. If it's ok, I'd like to tag along.
We didn't get to go. They're winter hours for the office is closed on weekends. You have to purchase a sticker to ride there. Cost is $15 for the year. We should have them for this weekend if everything goes ok. I'll post back if we're going to make it.
Smithfield Va.

If anyone goes on rides and wouldnt mind a few more people goin along my brother and I might be intereste. And also we go to Slades Park in Surry Va, about 15 minutes north of smithfield, about once a month and more often during the summer should do some ridding sometime. Maybee a trip to hatfield & Mcoys in WV
What is Slade's like? I've heard of it before but have never been there. Do they have a web address?
Slades Park is a cutover that the owners cut trails through. Mainly for utility quads. I took my DVX out there a few times and prob wont do it again. There are alot of mud holes and enough trails that should keep you interested for the majority of a day. I think they do have a web site. I will try and remember what it is and post it back. But if anyone wants to go in the near future I would like to go as soon as I get 9 hours of break in time on the new piston.
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Hey Mudman and brn2bow i live in Chesterfield Va not to far from Richmond Is their any place else in Va? And If not when are you guys heading up there again? :question: :feedback
if u r looking for a place to ride.. we have the largest area in va... with our club theres no charge to ride... also theres a new trail system being built.. kida like west va's but untill that come check us out.. we ride all prvt land no state forest land... from lee va to interstate 77
Brunswick county va it's in south central va
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