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South Louisiana/Mississippi riders!!!

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I live just outside of Hammond Louisiana. Who all on this site is from down here in the Deep South. Where does everyone go riding at? I ride in the Spillway in Norco Louisiana. I just joined South Louisiana Trailblazers. Sou far, the spillway is pretty cool, but I am looking to ride other places as well. I work all of the time, but when I am off, I like to ride. Oh yeah, wha, where, and when is this Mudfest at???
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Hey man!! Sorry it took me so long to repost. I live in Springfield. Where do you like to ride at? I am a member of Chappepeela Creek hunting Club in Loranger. I rode there a couple of times, but at one of the meetings, they said we needed to quit mud ridin, so I havent been back.
wasssuupp!...i live in Denham Springs...i do most of my ridin at red creek and scenic trails in mississipp
Whats up StarBoy,

Red Creek? I have heard of that place but I don't know where it is at. Like i said in my original post, I only ride at my house and in the Spillway outside of New Orleans. Me and a few others from work ride on Fridays. We are all looking to ride in others areas, but we work alot of overtime so we don't get to much time to ride elsewhere. Do you have certain times you go riding?
hit me up i live in wavelnd just down i-10 from you got a pipeline we ride on highway 90 down from stenis
Im right down the road in walker.
Albany here! It's about 5 minutes west of Hammond. Work in BR and REEAAALLLLYYYY HATE the drive!
I am in Baton Rouge. Ride at the hunting camp, the spillway, and always looking for new places
in covington looking for people and places to ride, so any input would be greatly appreciated.
Anyone planning something for this weekend?? I'm in Baton Rouge, from Mandeville, can be anywhere in between or head west to Lafayette.

some buddies and I are riding Friday around 10 in Zachary area for a few hours
Just caught the weather forecast for the weekend, looks like ****. May be able to get some riding in, just have to see. Claiborne sure won't re-open any time soon. Pat's could be an option
I live in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. We have two nice parks one is Timberlanes in Wesson, MS and the other is Copiah Creek Campgrounds in Georgetown, MS.
Any body got any rides coming up the weekend of Feb. 29th first of march. From north MS but willing to drive. Work offshore so pretty familiar with the south. Somewhat anyway
What's up everybody? I am from south MS. I live a little north of biloxi. About 5 min from red creek off road. i ride there and on a hunting lease near my house mostly. and a place near my bud's house called Krohn creek which is where you'll find me this saturday...
ReD CReEk this weekend april 19th
im pretty close!!

where exactly do you live i live close to livingston we might be pretty cindy...
how old are you??
we mostly ride in Ms tho
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