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Sound clip of a 500 with pipe?

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hey, i have a 06 foreman and im wanting to add a pipe to it for some extra power and sound . I know everbody runs the hmf pipes, so my question is if anybody has a sound clip, video or anything of a 500 foreman with a hmf pipe either the utility series or eco.
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come on doesnt anybody have a video or something of there 500 with a pipe?
I know railroader posted one a long time ago on here im going to look for it for you.
sounds nise over RR beggin his boy to gas it but it would be nise if there was lond rev
Sound will be different coming out of a 450s than a 500. New foreman
have the same sound as the Rudi, even changing the muffler they will
still have a much different sound.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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