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Sorkeling a new 500

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I am going to snorkel a friends 500 tomorrow. What size pipe did yall use and where did you run it? What # is the stock main jet and what did yall go up to? Just trying to figure out what assortment of jets i should bring home.

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When I did mine I used the 1.5" spa tubing and didn't have to rejet. I think the guys around here that went with a 2" used a 170.
Mine and Robb's are mostly 2" rigid PVC. However we used 1.5' into the airbox. Mine uses a little 1.5" more than his. I am pretty sure if you minimized the bends 1.5" would the whole way. We used mostly the 22.5 deg and a few 45 deg PVC elbows they flow better make tight fits easier.

Ours use a (even DeadMullet's who has a Snorkit) DJ170. But that is for the addded flow of the HMF. None of us had to change jets because of the snorkel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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