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Something in my HMF broke

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I took my HMF off because something in it was rateling. I shook it and something is sliding up and down insdie the pipe. I dont know what it is. Mabe its the baffleing or packing, I dont know. Has this happened to anyone else, or would some one know whats sliding around in there? Would they fix it if i sent it back to the factory? Thanks, Seth
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They should. I sent my wifes Supertrapp back & they fixed everything in it.
take the endcap and spark arrestor off and see if anything comes out. The packing shouldn't rattle, since it is basically a fiberglass blankets wrapped around the perferated metal pipe inside.

HMF will repack it for $20 I believe.
I just talked to a guy from HMF and he says that it is probaly the heat shield in there
FOOD FOR THOUGHT...Vaughn had his HMF pipe for a short while and one of the rivets had become loose. Vaughn then drilled the weak rivet out and tried to replace the rivet. When the whole pipe dissasembled itself on the work bench...the damage was done. We then found out that HMF would have paid for shipping and replaced the pipe for free. Well...Hind site is 20/20. Just my 2 cents..
thats what im going to do...they will fix it under warrinty
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