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Some tire questions?

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What does everyone thing of the mud lites? I'm thinking of going with 27" mud lites. I ride mostly in mud and snow. Also how wide of a tire can i put on my stock front rims?
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or would Mudbugs be a better choice? I spend alot of time in muskeg and bottomless mud.
i know someone with mudbugs and they work great in the mud and they do good on trails too.....and they wear real nice
I my self have a honda foreman, and I have been looking for bigger tires., As of right now, i'm running 26X12X12 mud lites. They are great. I added a 2inch high lifter kit 2weeks ago, and I order 27X12X12 mud bugs last week. They should be here Tuesday. I'll ride them this coming up week end. I'll let you know.
Can i fit a 10" wide tire on the stock front rim?
I think it is just personal preference. I've seen most of the tires that people say they have on this sight. I have the mudlights and I love them! I have them on factory rims, 10's in the front and 12's in the back. I've gone through every mudhole that the mudbugs, mudzillas, gators, and swamp lites have gone through. Just go with what you like!

the 28s mudlites and i love em on my 03 450s ,i did have mudzillas b 4 and the wieght differnce is alot. mud lites have gone everywhere my mudzillas went and will go alot farther in snow and great on the trails
this is a reply from last week. I love my mud bugs, i rode on them last weekend and they did great. Just letting you know .
I have a 05 Foreman 500 4x4S and I have 26x9x12 Mudlites on the front and 26x10x12's Mudlites on the rear and I love them. They do tend to slick over pretty quick in real thick mud with no water in it but other then that they do great.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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