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some tire and wheel fitment questions...

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hey guys, i just got my first quad, ive always been into wheeling the trucks, and now i finally bought a quad from my uncle...its an 02 foreman rubicon 500, only 300 miles, he barely used it..and so far i love it! anyways, first thing i want to do is wheels, where i ride is pretty rocky and the stockers seem to be getting bent and bashed up real easy...ive decided on the ITP ss108s, i will be getting new tires, but the stock ones are perfect and cash is tight so im going to use the stock tires for a while, anyways, the stock tires are 25x10 in the rear and the fronts 25x8, the rear rims say 12x7.5 and the fronts 12x6.0. my main question is should i just go ahead and get the new rims with the same exact specs, of course doing so will work fine with the current tires, but how about when i upgrade to 27s or 28s, probably 12 in the rear and perhaps 10 up front? will the rims still work fine? i know when i went to a 35x12.5 on the truck, i had to go from a 15x7 to 15x8 mainly for safety i suppose, will i be ok with 27 or 28 inchers by 12 rear 10 front with those stock rim specs..

also wheres the best place to buy stuff like this?

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You can only get the SS108's in 12x7 which will work fine for any tire, most aftermarket wheels only come in 12x7. I have the SS108's with 27x12 rear tires and they are fine.
alright thanks alot! so i just get 12x7s for the front and rear? or just the rear and the stock by 6 for the fronts? i notice the rear stockers have a big dish or lip... where as the front doesnt, will the ss108s be like this to? and the stance will be the same as now? or wider? or what, and by stance i mean how far the tires stick out compared to the fenders..
You just get 12x7 front and rear the stance will be a little wider than stock.

Here is what mine look like.
thats quite a sexy looking rig there, haha, alright so 12x7 all around it is, and a wider stance is always fine by me, you have shots from the front and rear by any chance?

thanks and where did you purchase them? id like to just get them online..
The only pics I have of it from the front or rear are with no plastics so you can't realy tell how much wider than stock the wheels are if you want to see them I will post them. I got the wheels with 27x9.5 front and 27X12 rear outlaws mounted for $825 shipped from When I was looking for these wheels the best price I could find on only the wheels was on Ebay for $320 shipped.
ok thanks a lot, im finding them for 62.95 a piece on a couple different sites, but im not sure if the sites are reputable..
Pic shows 27x10x12 and 27x12x12 Super Lights on ITP SS106 12x7 wheels. (mounted backwards to try in the snow) Ramp is parallel to the rear tire so you can judge the offset. If you would like a narrower SS wheel for the front they are available in 14x6 and 14x8 designed for better fit with the new radial tires.
thanks for the pic, so judging from the pic, the track of the front and rear is near even, just slightlyyy different, am i right? i think ill stick with the 12s, i tend to like less rim and a bigger the site below a good site to purchase them from?

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ITY-WHEELS</a>
About 1 1/2" difference between front and rear. No experience with the site you were asking about.
thanks guys, youve been a huge help! now what tire would you guys suggest when im ready, i want as lite as possible, im thinking 27x12 in the rear and 27x10 in the fronts, im looking at the mud lite and swamplites, mainly because they seem to be a lighter good tire, any other suggestions?

also my friends dad owns a shop, we use his tire machine all the time for our trucks, will this machine work for quad tires and rims? this may be a dumb question, but just making should i would think, right? its not a special machine for quad tires and wheels, is it?

thanks again
If you're considering Mud Lites you should check out the Super Grip Super Lights. Same tread but made with a tougher compound to last longer. Plus they have a rimgard to help protect your new wheels. Mine were also cheaper than what I could get Mud Lites for.
thx those look pretty nice to, ill definently look at those, how about tires such as outlaws, super swamper vampires, etc, all very heavy, correct? i reallyyy like the outlaws on the other guys quad whos been helping me, but like i said id like to stay lite to keep the power up etc...any other lite tires? and by the way, i do mud, but mostly very rocky trails with some hard packed dirt...
They are serious mud tires and they are heavy but worth the extra weight if you want the best perf in the mud. The ML and SL are the only ones I know of that are marketed as light weight. Tire size will probably affect perf more than weight so don't go too big on a trail machine. I find the 27's to work well.
thanks think im gonna go with the superlights you posted and the ss108s, how does the weight compare to the stock setup (rims/25's)
Don't have actual numbers to compare weights. I didn't really notice a big difference in weight but the difference in size and performance is drastic. The SS wheels take a little more time to install on the bike because they are much thicker than the stock wheels and the recessed studs make it a little harder to get the wheel centered and the lug nuts started. You really notice how light the setup is when your trying to line it up. Make sure you get the ITP lug nuts when you order. I'm very pleased with the perf of this combo so far on the trails and service roads. Soon as the ground starts to thaw I'll post an update on how they do in the mud and bog.
thanks a lot, well my check was a little bigger than expected so im going with the new wheels and tires right now, any place mount them together for free? and are your superlights true to size (really a 27 inch) and you dont rub at all? it looks like the first spot it would hit is in the front on the fender bracket, but thats an easy fix, 28s are tempting, but i want to keep my power and performance up, and youd take the super lights over the swamplites?

Big Wheel Kits usually include tires, wheels, center caps and lugs. Tires are already mounted on the wheels. Usually cheaper than buying wheels and tires seperately. Tires measure about 1/2 " smaller but I only run 3 psi. Had to trim forward part of rear fender but they don't rub on the front. The 95 400 was really low to the ground to begin with. As far as I know the newer bikes just need the front fender bracket bent. As for the Swamplites, I have never even seen a set so I can't comment on them. I would take the Super Lights over the Mud Lites.
thanks guys, i went ahead and ordered a big wheel kit, cant wait!
you will be fine with 27s all you have to do is bend them finder brackets in a bit and it sould rub no where else. robb the site admin is running 29.5s without lift and all he had to do was bend the brackets and heat the rear finders and mold them a bit and he has very little rubbing. so you sould be fine
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