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some shifting questions...

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hey guys, the trails i ride are very very rocky and hilly, so speed isnt what i really need, i just want power, is it perfectly fine to ride with the shifter in low all day long, day in and day out? its not any harder or anything on the trans, is it? and lastly while in low, d1 and d2 dont make a difference, correct? only low esp does if you want to shift your self...

and thats another question with esp, i can be in any gear at any speed and not hurt anything at all? basically just what i like the feel of? i mean theres no gears or anything to gride, so i guess it dont matter right?

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im always used esp to climb hills cuz my unlce had a rub in d1 and it fliped almost over on him when he was goin up a hill cuz it shift then down shift at the top and he gased on it..
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