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Sold the formean and Rincon..Tryin the Artic Cat

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Just sold the wifes Rincon and my Foreman and bought the 2007 650 h1 and the 700 EFI. We will be riding this weekend and I will post my thoughts on the cats.
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crazyfun450 is right on the money. Why you would get rid of a Honda and go to an Artic Cat is a mystery to me. Good Luck. .
They are tough, no doubt, but if it has a belt, trouble is a coming!!!!!!!!
Just letting everyone know, I am not knocking any 4 wheeler. I have owned other brands other than Honda. I am just stating the obvious. If it has a belt, trouble is coming. Maybe not today, but it is going to happen, and probably not in your back yard. Usually when you are miles away from any life form. Completely off topic, John Deere and CubCadet lawn mowers. These are, without argument, the best of the best when it comes to lawn mowers. There weakest link? Ironically it is the Belts! What about trucks? Dodge, Chevy, Ford. What happens when a belt breaks on them! They are dead. Same with 4 wheelers. If you choose to go with a brand that has a belt drive, be cautious of where you put it. It is not made for everything.
I honestly can't tell you how many Yamahas and Polaris's I have had to go around and pull out because their belt burnt up on my deer lease being the trails are very muddy and harsh. So far, I have yet to see one of my buddies with a Honda where there shaft had burned up. All I am saying is I have heard more complaints than praises.
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MAD MUDDER is right. As long as you are having fun, who cares. I have seen those no name four wheelers, 2 wheel drive at that, go through some nasty stuff. So, buy whatcha want, ride like you stole it, and get er done!!!!

1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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