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Sold the formean and Rincon..Tryin the Artic Cat

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Just sold the wifes Rincon and my Foreman and bought the 2007 650 h1 and the 700 EFI. We will be riding this weekend and I will post my thoughts on the cats.
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Bikes really have nothing to do with it. If you can throw your machine around and handle it like its a you know what then you can go further than your competition. Any bike out there is a POS when beat on and I know from experience. Get what you like and ride it till it breaks and then fix it again. .02 given!
QUOTE ("big4fifty4man":204sp117)
so if your trying to tell me that you can follow a artic cat with the same tires as you and the same lift and all the accesories your just wrong im not going to try to be the good guy, you cant i dont care how much you rock it throw it around you aint goin to follow him in ruts look at the ground clearane difference at the rear end hes got 17'' at the rear end and youve got 10'' its common sense
Yeah your right.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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