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Soggy Bottom ATV Ranch

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has anyone been? looks like a really good place from what i read on their website. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
i plan on doing some camping there with some buddies and riding 4wheelers all weekend. anyone have any experience there?
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I don't have any experience there but thanks to you, I think i'll be going this weekend. I live about an hour and a half from there. Good stuff, I didn't think there were any places that close to us to ride at.
well let me know how it goes! i'll be going in about 3 weeks. if you have a good time you should come again and meet up with us in 3 weeks!
Well didn't work out. I'm trying to fix one of my vehicles right now so i'm going to try again either this next saturday or the following saturday.
Well, vehicle is still broken. I am trying to replace the bearings on the front end of my commuting POS car. As soon as I can get things straight around here I am still going to take a trip down to soggy bottom. I will let you know when this will be possible. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten.
well i went this weekend and it was HORRIBLE!!!
that place is the worst ridding i have ever been to. the quality of the ridding sucks soooo bad.
it was nothing but hard pack trails and you could ride the entire Ranch in about 1 hr. we went friday night and planned on comming back sunday, we left saturday morning. there was NO MUD. and the mud that was there looked like it was infested with disease, the water around it was green and orange. i will never go back there again. its not worth the drive there or the money it cost to get in.
i think i'll just stay here in crosby and ride.
Thank you very much for the post. I didn't need to waste any money after putting so much to the car. Supposedly General Sam's or whatever the name of it is in Huntsville is a good place and thats around 30 miles shorter from you and probably around the same price.
i've heard the same thing.
also i heard alto was really good, but its got the red mud, i try to stay away from that
Yea, I heard about alto. I used to go to college at Angelina and a few of the guys there said that place was pretty good. The only problem with that is that i'm in the military and the farthest point I can go is Lufkin. Anyway, i'm hoping to take a trip on memorial day so we will see. I'm hoping it will work out. My wife just got a job so i'm having to adjust my schedule a little on the weekends.
Resurrecting old threads....
Supposedly Soggy Bottom is officially closing on May 15, 2011. I've ridden there 2 times and enjoy myself. It's not one of the largest parks out there, but it was one of the closer ones to home and also I met great friends riding there. And the couple that had the lease are very cool people that I had a chance to ride/camp with at another park one weekend. I'll be out there giving them my last bit of support and hoping to be at their crawfish event the 1st weekend in May. Anyone nearby that's been wanting to go, make sure to get your ride in as we're losing yet another play area.
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