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Softer Seat?

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anyone know where to buy a softer seat for the Rubi? or had one re-upholstered? i'm thinking a seat like one's on the Polaris Sportsman's. those seats are like jello and then put it with that suspension..... no wonder it rides like a caddy!!!
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i would also like info on this
you might try

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

they don,t show a utility atv seat, only sport quads but i believe they will redo your factory seat. they are located in hollister, cal.
I read one time on HL that a guy took his seat into an apolstery shop and had his redone, he used the memory foam like what is used for beds. He said that it worked great and I don't think that it was too expensive to have done.
I need to get ours redone. Our cat lives in the garage & has tiny little holes
that you can't see unless your lookin' for them all in our seats from diggin'
her claws in them. When the seats get wet from ridin' in deep water, they
get heavy from all the water that seeps through the holes. I would love to
have a custom Confederate Flag seat.
i got the same problem realroader, but i got gass on the seat and it cracked real bad. but i do need to get something done because its only a matter of time before i get my seat gets water logged again
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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