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Softer Ride

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Any way to soften the ride on a 06 Foreman. I thought about adjusting the preload on the shocks. Any other suggestions. thanks
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Believe it or not, adjusting your tire pressure will make a significant difference to start. If that's not enough, the perflex kit is supposed to give you a softer ride. Just search under perflex and you can find all the information you've ever wanted and more.
QUOTE ("davinbama":jas3f8ap)
adjusting the preload on the shocks
?? You can do this ?? I did not know you can do this.
Unless I missed something when I bought my bike, shocks are not
adjustable. They are on the Ruby and Rincon.
yeup no adjustments for us
I thought that only the CTE bikes had adjustable shocks?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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