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snow tire

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What's the best tire for the snow?
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ITP's 589 M/S is supposed to be good in the snow.How do your Gators work?Here in the U.P. we got about 4" of snow,more coming down now.I've been happy with my Dirt Devils in the snow.
i heard 589s are gutless in snow i would say outlaw mst since when winter is over you still have a good trail and mud tire
I think my gators did just fine but I really did not get to try them out too much.
i thought my executioners did good in the snow when i turned them over fast but once the trail was icy they didnt do that good. the mudlite xtr's also do pretty good in the snow. i think just about any agressive tire is going to do good in the snow untill the trail becomes ice, then you need chains.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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