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Snow Plow Questions

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Hi All,
Winter landed last night...6" of new snow. Great stuff to ride in, but a pain to shovel...So, here's my question for all you living in the snow belt of Western Pa, and for those of you using a Swisher Snow Plow with the universal mounting kit. How well does this set-up work for you?
Any snow plow suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please include kit numbers or make and model of plow and mounting kit used.
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I installed a 60" moose plow yesterday during the snow we were getting in Maine. Install was strait forward, and fairly quick. Things look pretty rugged, so far so good. Plowed 12" of snow with no problem. You just need to make sure you start you banks far enough back so by the end of the season you still have room.
I've tried the Moose and now have the Tusk (Eagle) plow and IMO the Eagle has a better system: a lot easier to attach, not as much play in the pushtube.
i have a 60 moose plow and have no problems with it. if your moving snow on the sidewalk 50in plow works the best
Snow Plow

I hope this helps ? I also have a Moose plow, it is a 60 inch country plow .BIG on the left side then taper down to the right. It is manual angle. It is lifted by a 2500 Warn winch with amsteel syc. rope. Its mounted on a 500 HondaForeman ES. I run 4 psi tire pressure on my 26 inch Blackwater and one 50 lbs bag of sand on the rear rack for weight to help with traction when backing up. Moose plows are endorsed by Honda. Also I am not 100% positive but the man who build eagle plows used to be in business with Moose. I have used this plow hard for 3 plow seasons with no problems. No cracks, bends, or weld breaks.
I would highly recommend the reverse mod. Its so much easier shifting into reverse if you have a ES. to Moose,s Plow i.m.o.
I also have a 50" moose plow on my 07 foreman, I have a warn RT25 winch to raise and lower it. I've used it 4 or 5 times and like it more every time I use it, I would recommend this plow to anybody.
I have pics of mine in my personal gallery.
I just got a tusk (eagle) polw 2 weeks ago buy far the best plow i have seen and the mounting is simple it also has more curve in the plow to help rool snow out of the way check it out
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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