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Just look under your 4 wheeler and measure up to the skid plates and that's how much snow you can get through but if you hammer it into a deep drift that isn't very long you can make it through but if you try too much you will eventaually lose momentum trust me I went down the road at about 50 and pulled into our yard and barely made it through I was losing momentum quick and I did get stuck twice that day and it wasn't no 4-5'. That being said I put on my 26" vampires and they did a lot better although you do lose some speed but they really throw snow. The only drift that was a couple feet high I did manage to go on top and not sink but I did hit the gas and buried it real quick. Anybody that says you can get through 4-5' of snow doesn't own a tape measure.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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