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snow performance

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Has anyone used a 06 foreman in deep snow, say more than a foot, i was thinking of moving to maine and was wondering how my 06 with stock tires will go in deep snow.
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Mine with stock tires in the snow was terrible.I switched to 25" dirt devils and they're much better.What works the best in snow is a set of Cycle Country v-bar tire chains on the rear,that's what I used on my ol' Rancher and it was almost impossible to get stuck.
Yea, you might need to look for something that has some deep tread so it will "bite" the snow.
I ride in snow and my Mudlites work fine. I plow my driveway whenever we get a dumping of snow and i have never had a problem with traction.
I have to disagree, The foreman for some reason is one of the best atv's ive ever ridden in the snow. When my bike was stalk I went out after a blizzard. there was over two feet of snow. I broke all the trails in my area because no one else could, snowmobiles couldnt even drive them. some hills would take some time but there wasnt anywhere i couldnt go. I literally would have snow rolling over the top of the rack because i would push up a wake in front of me. Even after getting 27in 589's I still feel that the stock tires were better in the snow. The key is wheelspin, 2nd gear wot on the hills and you wont stop. The only time I EVER get stuck in the snow is when Im messin around trying to bomb trough 4-5 deep snow piles from the plows.
I have to agree with Dirtkurt, the stock tires and full throttle in the snow and few bikes can hang with the foreman. If you just put-put, your not going anywhere. You have to be agressive and beat on your engine, but hey its a honda, so no big.
I live in MN and I wish I was smokin' what you guys have because stock tires+deep snow=sucky performance. Throw any aftermarket tire on and you will go farther than stock. 4-5' snow is the only thing that will stop you, yeah right. You cannot go through more than a snowmobile either. A wheeler can do pretty good in snow DirtKurt but come on.
what's snow.....haha
QUOTE ("Eric":1c9336qh)
I live in MN and I wish I was smokin' what you guys have because stock tires+deep snow=sucky performance. Throw any aftermarket tire on and you will go farther than stock. 4-5' snow is the only thing that will stop you, yeah right. You cannot go through more than a snowmobile either. A wheeler can do pretty good in snow DirtKurt but come on.
i agree with you Eric on this one..i lived on the shores of Lake Superior for 14 years...snowmobiles will go anywhere for the most part...i doubt a quad will go more places than a sled...wake up man
This form is gettin aggressive.
one person says stock tires work great and another says no, what's the deal,the 86 4x4 350 i had seemed to go pretty good but here in rhode island we never really had a good storm to put it to the test, 6 inches was about the max, it worked fine in that league, i know when people spend money on something and it either gives bad performance or the same as what they replaced they become reluctant to admit they didin't gain or even that they went backwards. let me ask this question, what about the stock tires in snow at least a foot deep is bad? do they just spin? or what
like you i havent had a chance to ride in snow that deep yet with my quad..when i lived in michigan and was growing up we had a honda 3wheeler that was fun in the snow though...and our snowmobiles were a blast...
Just look under your 4 wheeler and measure up to the skid plates and that's how much snow you can get through but if you hammer it into a deep drift that isn't very long you can make it through but if you try too much you will eventaually lose momentum trust me I went down the road at about 50 and pulled into our yard and barely made it through I was losing momentum quick and I did get stuck twice that day and it wasn't no 4-5'. That being said I put on my 26" vampires and they did a lot better although you do lose some speed but they really throw snow. The only drift that was a couple feet high I did manage to go on top and not sink but I did hit the gas and buried it real quick. Anybody that says you can get through 4-5' of snow doesn't own a tape measure.'s July, why in the world are we talking about snow now??? It will be here soon enough, lets not encourage it to get here any sooner!!
Looking forward to freezing my butt off in the cold MN and northern North Dakota duck blind!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing my Lab with ice all over his coat and knowing that the old Honda will drag all of my gear back to the truck!!!

Forget the summer I want to shoot things
Haha that's basically how I broke in my Foreman! 3rd gear wide open is how I broke my trails. I was only at a walking/jogging pace most of the time, but it made it several miles through all my trails without a problem. Wide open throttoe for 30mins straight will definetly test an ATV;s engine.
In most cases I will agree that a snowmobile will go father than any 4x4, I'm not making stuff up to sound macho, I snowmobile every winter. On normal trails and out in the drifts a snowmobile will far outperform an atv, But in the trails around where I live it is mainly very tight single track trails with alot of hills and tight turns, and after a storm of 24+ inches of pure powder you will not make it far on a snowmobile in these trails, and if you stop, your stuck. These are not maintained or groomed snowmobile trails like most are used to. Also I dont know where you guys are gettin that i said i could go through 4-5ft, i said i would get stuck in that, not that i go right through.
Reading this post is funny! To me it all depends what type of snow,I have mudlite xl's and in slushy snow workmuch better ,but on hard packed and deep powder my stockers with tech screws are great
yea im gona disagree wiht a previous statement you can go though more snow then the measurement up to you skid plate it just takes a little effort
atv snow driving,,

hi guys, i agree with dirtkurt, i have driven in snow for at least ten years,,i hear of people driving through 2 feet of snow with tires,, anyone can do this if the snow is fresh and your tire is contacting the hard ground,, the tough snow is when you get 2 feet of wet snow,, then all tires are wirthless,, the only reason the mudders work better is because they throw the the snow out untill it contacts a hard surface,, i hunt in the northwest and hunt in the early november and december snow when it is very soft and very deep and drifts get up to 8 feet tall,,i actually have the snowmobilers trails all groomed by the time they want to drive in jan and feb because the snow is more packed,, , i have driven the polaris 700 for three years and after getting stuck many times on narrow trails or when ever i had to stop because a tree was across the road.i know there are a lot better snowmobilers out there that can possibly drive this type of terrain but lets see them hunt on one,, once the elk and deer i hunt hear a snowmobile they get out of the country,, i run tracks and stay on most trails up to 8 feet of snow,, i can carry 400 lbs of equipment and still drag a whole elk or deer behind my atv,, i have a few shots of me driving a rubicon with cattracks in ten foot base of snow,, you can see them if you go to,, ps this website has a ton of info on tracks (trackman)
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