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Just installed a snorkle, still need to test it, waiting for my handle bars and ignition to come it (rolled the bike on a dirt road at 70klms) .

here are some pics!!

Painted my side panels black as well
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you ran it the same way i did mine, except i ran mine through the little plastic access panel for my oil cooler.

so i didn't have to drill a hole in my fender.
looks good, is that 2in tehe whole way? or 1.5? also be carefull of the rubber around the snork going into the air box, mine seperated from the box, not sure if it leaked but i put some rubber/plastic sealent where it pealed down off of the box, its rubbery when it drys and i havn't had a problem yet. my .02 good luck and keep us posted


Thanks.. I think i will do that to the whole rubber attachment just to be safe.
IT is 1.5 inch just untill the motor then i switched over to 2"
My parts should be in this week so i can test it out next week!!!!!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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