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can i get some pic on how to make a snorkle on a 05 500 foreman thank you for the help
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look in the how to section there are a couple different designs.
I bought the triangle kit fore the foreman and i have a rubicon. I really like it because of the pvc pipe. I also put on a brute force one from bayou and it was abs pipe. Both were simple. If I was to do it again I would have made my own. But I wussed out and paid the coin. Make it youself and save some coin. I am going to do another rubicon and bought the parts for like 46 bux canadian with paint. I am going to use abs because i could not find the pvc. I really like the 3/8 burs that can just be tapped into the elbow and run the vent lines to them. Highlifter has plenty on snorkel info as well. Hardest part is the cut into the plastic because there is no turning back. Start from the placement of the tube on the rack and work backwards. I found this easier. Good luck!
i would like to see some that are under the plastic i really donot like the way that some of them are ran down the side of the bike i think it would get in the way so could some one show where they ran it one there bike thank you
This thread has many pics of my snorkel and a complete parts list.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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