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Snorkle ?

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Ok I built my snorkle for my o6 Foreman. I tested it by driving it with the hose running straight from the airbox up to the front rack. It seemed to run fine. When I ran everything around the engine, through the fender well and around the shock and up through the radiator lid it lost a little power and was cutting out at full throttle. Could it have too many bends? I used 1.5in shopvac hose to 2in pvc at the riser.
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Too many bends will definately restrict airflow. I ran almost a straight run from the airbox with just one 90* elbow up to the riser. Also stepped up to 2" pipe before the 90. Bike runs better than stock with no adjustments to carb at all. I had lots of room for a straight run. Don't know if this setup is possible on the newer bikes.
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