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Here is my first attempt at putting on a snorkle without cutting the plastic. I used spa tubing and pvc , it runs and sounds fine.
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That looks good, was it hard to bend? The spa tubing that I used was very flexible.
the spa tube was from the center of the roll so it had a curl set to it,
It would not go into position without heating it up. But it made it plyable and easy to route.
nicely done!
How much was it? I just bought 2 Snorkits. Maybe i could have
saved some money.
20 bucks
I wish there was a way to jump out of my
body and kick myself in the you know where.
I will be very happy with the Snorkits, but could
have saved about a $120 a piece. One real good thing
about the Snorkit is that it has connections to snorkel
I finished mine today as well. I'll get some pics of it in the daylight. Special thanks to Robb for his help with the set up. Although I am not sure I am going to give all the parts back.

It wasn't as hard (emotionally) to cut the fender as I thought it would be.
Nate is gonna do mine, so i won't have to be there
during the fender cuttin'. I don't think my lil' ol' heart
could take it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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