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snorkle problems

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just put a custom snorkle 2", down to 1 1/2" over carb and into air box, i cant get it to run right , it pops and sputters a high rpm, i had a 165 main jet, and needle set on second slot from top, that's how i set it with the hmf exaust and it ran fine until i put the snorkle, now i have tried one bigger and one smaller jet and also tried adjusting the air fuel mix screw, and i'm having no luck at all, any suggestions would be greatly appreicated, thanks
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thanks for the carb info, it is definatly running lean, the exhaust is turning red hot from the jug all the way back, and that was with a 170 jet, so now i'm kinda scratching my head on it, the only other thing i could see possible is some trash in the carb, restricting the orfice holes and causing it to run lean, so tomorrow i plan on completly taking the carb down and cleaning it . should i go in with a bigger jet than 170, i have a 175 left?, and also where should i set my top pin?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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