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snorkle problems

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after i put my snorkle on i have been having problems when i am at an idle. it just dies. can anyone tell me where i idle screw is and is left higher idle or lower? thanks for all the help.
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The idle screw is on the side of the carb right side take your seat off ,pop the side cover it s a black platic head . screw it in for faster idle. it runs from the bottom up
either put a screen on the cap or buy pvc reducers and see what one makes it run best or just rejet
not quite sure on why you would have to re-jet. usually you rejet due altitude changes on where you ride.
You also rejet to compensate and add more gas for the additional air that is being allowed into the engine via the snorkel, exhaust, etc.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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