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Snorkle problem

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After I snorkled my bike it won't go any faster than 40. Then it starts cuting out. I'm thinking it is not getting enough air. I have 1 1/2" all the way to the front than 2" up. Is it not getting enough air?
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what do you have on the end of the pipe? is it a 2" 90degree bend or a 2" 180degree bend

i had a 90degree bend that pointed to the back and when i would be full throttle it would cough and skip and stuff...i went out and got a 180degree piece and put it on it and never has had a problem since...i think maybe that when you run so fast when the air hits the front of the pvc pipe and it points straight back it cant suck in enough air cuz it is moving past the inlet so fast...but who knows

just a suggestion and saying what happened with mine
i have 2" from box to 90 degree tip, no problems. tried smaller had same problem as you. go bigger
That is what i'm thinking. I have that swimming pool flex hose but I have some spa flex 1 1/2" that I am going to use and just make it 2" alot sooner.
The snorkle sounds like it's fine as long as you don't have the inlet facing towards the front of the bike. Make adjustments to the pilot screw to fine tune the air/fuel mixture.
it sounds to me like it isnt geting enough air. i make mine with 2in all the way and i have one 90 on the top and it get plenty of air. and it will get up to about 50 with me on it and i way around 300lbs
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