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Snorkle Install

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Made a snorkle for my 400 tonight. Used 2" & 1 1/2 ABS. Made a bracket for the rack. Thanks to all who posted instructions and pics on how to do it.
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nice bracket
That looks good, like the bracket
looks awesome
planing to go deep H4?
Actually I just wanted to build one to see how it would work out. Next I'll do the vent lines and seal the pullstart. Great insurance just in case. Can't see getting deep enough in our bogs to need the snorkle and still be able plow thru it. Should be great for river crossings and we do several trips a year to a place called Fourth Pond. Basically it's about a 6 mile circle around the pond in the water. Gets pretty deep at times!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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