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snorkle help

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I wuz just wandering if anybody knew anything about running a snorkle out of the muffler. If you do know anything about it then what sort of pipe will work for it?
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i had one on my old 4wheeler, i just used exhaust pipe to make mine. i just took it to my local muffler shop and they fabed it up for me. if you ride deep for along time i would recomend it because my bike used to shut off without it alot. i have pics of it in my sig under my pics.
Yeah thats the main reason I want one. Me & 2 of my other friends were riding in a little canal & one of them got stuck. His fourwheeler shut off before we could hook a winch up & it took probably 20 mins. for it to crank up again.
Do you think that my muffler would melt pvc pipe?
yes, i dont think there would be anyway to seal it up to a exhaust anyway.
I got the stuff & I'll try it & tell you.
I just put it on & it has just a tiny bit if air blowing out around the muffler. Do you know any ways to seal it?
You could probably use high temp silicone.
Where do you git that at?
Thanx. Well I tried it today & the pipe started to melt right before i got to the mud hole. So I let it sit there for a minute & harden back up. Then I tried it & it worked fine. I guess I'm goin to have to git me some heavy duty pvc pipe or go to copper or brass. If you have any other ideas that would be great.
Did you use pvc pipe for the exhaust snorkel? That stuff is going to melt. you need to use steel pipe.
its just going to keep on melting, if i was you i would trash it and get a steel one.
Yeah, I dont think copper or sumthing like that would melt.
Do yall know anything about making a snorkel that comes out of the intake?
they are very easy to make, you can use pvc pipe for flex hose.
Words of advice
1 Exhaust snorkel=steel pipe
2 Intake snorkel= plastic pipe
Blake are you serious? pvc!!. It is common sense to know that heat and plastic dont mix. Why even consider copper and brass, have you ever seen a copper exhaust before? No you have not. Just take your pipe to a muffler shop and have him weld on an upward extension to your exhaust, it shouldnt cost more than $30.
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