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snorkeling a 350 rancher

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i need some help,i am about to snorkel my intake on my rancher,what are some things i need to get to do it?
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1.5" pool/spa hose out of the air box (although I think you could use 1.25"), then either run that outside the front fender to a PVC riser, or through a hole cut in the fender to a PVC riser. Or you can put the hose into the instrument pod for a stealth snorkel.

Don't forget about the diff/ brake/carb vents and the cab drain.

Look in my sig for pic's under (my rides). Shows 2 ways to snorkel your bike. Mines the Rancher AT, but the basic idea is the same. The dif is that your airbox hole is on the other side than mine.
When you snorkle it, you will not be dissapointed..
whats the best to seal the airbox with, marine grease or silicone?
whats the best to seal the airbox with, marine grease or silicone?
silicone works better, but makes it harder to get it off if you have to. I never had any luck just using the grease.
i only asked for the fact of having to clean the filter
i was just out looking at where to run the snorkel out of, and i thought of the idea of running out of the dry storage box? anyone tried this, it looks like a bright idea??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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