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well i have been every where here in my neighboring 2 towns, I CAN NOT find black pvc piping, i think its called "ABS" Piping. all the local stores are idiots and say there isn't any, just white that you can paint black. they are full of it, i've seen it on here, i've seen it in indiana. actually, they coudnt tell me any thing when i found a box of 2" black pvc in there store, uh uh i dont know why its black sir. sorry i can't help ya. i'm keeping my eye oppen for local plummers and what not, see if i can bumm some off em. i realy don't like the idea of painting it black, seems like it woudl chip off easy. well just wondering where ya all got yours. thanks

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triangle atv. " painted "
realy i didn't know that, i have thought about going that rout, its just so hard for me to dish out more money for something i can do myself. i'm so tight with money i squeek when i walk.


i think lowes or home depot would have it...

i just bought regular 2" drain pvc and painted it black...

it holds up just fine except for where my leg rubs on it rubbed the paint off...

but everything else is fine.
Here we can get PVC in grey or white. PVC is used here for electrical but is slowly showing up in plumbing. Black ABS pipe has been used for plumbing. These are different materials and if you are able to find ABS in your area be sure that you also use ABS cement as PVC glue will not work.
i have always used flex hose for all of my snorkels, i found it at a pool/spa place. to answer your question, i always see it at lowes in the plumming area just ask for sewage pipe. i think thats what the black pipe is for.
yea, you can build it yourself for about 25-30 bucks. I will post exactly what is in the kit and length of pipe. i bought mine because it was a clean fit and I didn't know exactly how they routed it. I modified mine a little so I wouldn't have to trim any plastick on the side of the atv.
swamprat, that would prob be a dream come true if ya could do that. it woudl save me AND EVERY ONE ELSE alot of time. pic would be awsome to. sorry triangle, shoudlnt charge so much haha.

the only thing is you wont have that nice steel bracket they make that mounts the snorkel to your rack. I am going outside now to get the list together.
yeah i'm thinking a U-bold and 2 holes in my rack, i've seen it before. not sure how well it works and how well it'll keep my plastic from cracking on a role over, its not a matter of if, but when and how many times, might have to do a little shaddy tree machanic, hmmm i do have some alum dimond plate sittin in my shop.........

here is the list of parts.

1- 1 1/2" 90 deg. elbow
1- 1 1/2" 45 deg elbow
1- 5" long 1 1/2" pipe
1- 4" long 1 1/2" pipe
1- 2" to 1 1/2" rubber reducer
1- 11" long 2" pipe
2- 2" 45 deg. elbow
2- 2" 90 deg. elbow
1- 8 1/2" long 2" pipe
1- 24" long 2" pipe.
1- can flat black spraypaint or any color you want.
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more pics
U DA MAN! THANKS i'll post on how i did mine, prob end up goign with white, i'll see about puttin up a how-to, see if they like it, i'll make sure i mention u!


if anyone can reproduce something similar to the metal bracket that triangle sells they can make tons of money on ebay....

i tried but i can't weld so that ended that.
so the triangle sorkle comes with the metal mounting plate you have on the front rack? and what about the 2 differnt pipe lengths you can attach to it? that looks really good and its a great idea.

yeah i think it comes with the two lengths.
that is why they charge so much, b/c of that stupid plate and the extra pipe.

with that metal plate, if you roll over you will still break off the pvc and will have to get another one.

with mine i have a thick rubber boot, so if i roll it will just lean over and won't break...just may need another boot.
Black "PVC" is typically run when you run actual sewage. White is for plumbing. You could really get either and paint it. You will just want to buy Kyrlon Fusion paint for plastics, and be sure to clean it with like some pre-paint solvent to take off any dirt you can't see. Click the link before for pics of my snorkel and how I did it. Its in the how-to section... I PM'd you and gave you my cell if you need some help just call me. - Ryan

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what do u all use to cut the plactic hole in the atv. i'm all the way to there and have been putting it off thinking something would come to me. ha it didn't

my idea, cut a short piece of pvc, mount it on top where i think the piping is going to come out and use a paddle bit inside it to cut the plastic.. how ya think that'll do?

use a 2'' hole saw for a better cut
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