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snorkel ??

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Somebody explain to me why water wouldnt get in your motor if you have water over you exhaust? I am installing a snorkel on mine but wouldnt water still enter the motor if I get the muffler under water? I have sunk my 4wheeler again and going through this pain staking flushing process. I have gone through 10 filters and im still flushing the oil it wont clear up and not to mention it sounds like its knocking. Lots of grit in the filter when im changing the filters....Hope things get better or off to the shop I go...
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if you ever pay attention when you shut off your bike that the last thing it does it blows out a big blast of air then shuts off...and if it is running water cant get in becuase of the exhaust going out..i have never had a problem with one quitting while under water just pull it out and tip it backwards to drain the water out and remove the plug on the bottom side of the pipe and let drain...when you feel comfortable enough water has come out, start it back up after checking the oil just to be safe...
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