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Hello I put a snorkel on my 04 rubi and at higher speeds it is cutting out on me. On trails it is fine but going down the road it is cutting out. What could the problem be. I am thinking maybe I need a bigger jet now that I am sucking more colder air. Thanks Dustin I will post pics as soon as I get a couple .
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Sounds like a bigger jet is definately in need. What size jet do you have in
it now?
I am running a 150. With fuel screw out 3.5 turns
Don't know what size hose you ran, but if it wasn't wide enough, it is starving for air. Had that happen on a PoPo I snorkled. It was with 1 1/2 hose and it wouldn't go over 30 mph.. I needed to re-do it with a 2 inch and it was fine
No I ran 2.5 inch all the way up and it will go as fast as it used to it just cuts out a good bit.
wow a 2.5 hose, if you would feel like messing with it i would go down to a 2". i 2.5" is fine but more air=more gas but more air+more gas=more power. but like said above try a bigger jet im sure thats the problem.
I just dont understand why it would not mess up at lower speeds
At higher RPM's, It's not be demanding that much air/fuel...Dunno
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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